The best way to contact us will be email-prettysavagejewellery@gmail.com or you can also contact us via Facebook WhatsApp or phone

Common Questions

  • I need my order faster than the estimated delivery time?
If you are needing your order faster than the expect delivery date, send us a email and we could possibly make your order a priority and get it shipped faster for you or use the express shipping option available.
  • Are there different sizes available?
Everything we have including sizes and colours will be on the website if its not there we would not have it
  • I've ordered the wrong size?
If you believe you ordered the wrong size do not try to wear it or use it and send us a email and we can exchange it for a different size for you
  • I've ordered by mistake?
No problem if your order hasn't been shipped yet we can easily cancel it for you just send us a email
  • My order Hasn't arrived?
We usually give it 1week after the estimated delivery date before determining a order as lost. We also take into consideration postal strikes customs delays and holidays etc. Christmas time that usually always have delays around these times
  • I've received the wrong order?
If the wrong order has been sent to you please contact us with a picture of what you received and we will correct it immediately for you. Please don't try wear or use in any way any item sent to you that wasn't part of your order
  • My order arrived damaged? 
Sometimes orders can arrive damaged due to rough handling in the postage system but not a problem send us a photo of the damaged item and we can send out a replacement
  • there's a mistake in my address I've entered? 
If you have given a incorrect address and your order hasn't been shipped we can easily correct it for you. If your order has already been shipped unfortunately there isn't much we can do unless royal mail return it to us then you would need to pay for shipping again to the correct address